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Example: St. John Paul the Great had a love for theatre; Padre Pio was given the stigmata and could bi-locate
Think about the specific virtues your saint exhibited. Identify one of those virtues you would like to live out or strengthen in your own life. Provide an example. *
Faith, Hope, Love, Prudence, Justice, Fortitude, Temperance
When choosing a saint, we ask the Holy Spirit to guide our decision making process. Please share prayerful ways did you choose your Saint, and/or how did your Saint choose you?
It is common for saints to have a specific prayer used to pray for their intercession. Find the prayer specific to your saint and include the entire prayer here. *
For Example: St. Kateri Tekakwitha - Prayer to the Lily of the Mohawks - Blessed Kateri, you are revered as the mystic of the American wilderness. Though orphaned at the age of four, and left with a scarred face and damaged eyesight from illness, you were esteemed among the Mohawk tribe. Whenyou asked to be baptized a Christian you subjected yourself to abuse by your people and were forced to run away. You endured may trials but still flowered in prayer and holiness, dedicating yourself totally to Christ. I ask you to be my spiritual guide along my journey through life. Through you intercession, I pray that I may always be loyal to my faith in all things. Amen.
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