Application For Dog Training With Matt Welch
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Filling out this application might be the most important thing you do for you and your dogs.  Here is why:  It will allow me to personalize information and help you solve your problems and reach your goals as quickly as possible.
Please fill this out and then text me at 561-504-1509 and let me know you have done it.  With all the different ways we communicate... sometimes things fall through the crack.  I want to make sure I see this :)
Breed and age of dog: *
When it comes to why you would like to have me train your dog... what’s the single biggest challenge that you are trying to solve?  What’s the single most frustrating part about that?  (Please be as specific as possible.  For example, instead of saying “leash pulling,” say something like “I’d like to be able to walk my dog without pulling... even when we pass other dogs.”   The more information you provide, the most likely I’ll be able to know how to help you.)
If we were having this conversation 12 months from today and you were looking back over the past 12 months what would’ve needed to happen for you to be happy with your results?  Once again... please be specific.
When it comes to getting the results you mention above... how committed are you to working with your dog to achieve them?  
First and last name, phone number and what is the best time to reach you:
Any other comments you would like to make:
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