Current use of the <e-Adventure> game authoring tool
This study aims to estimate the actual acceptance of the e-Adventure game authoring tool, developed by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, among teachers and other professionals related to education. We'd appreciate if you could dedicate a little of your time to complete this questionnaire - by doing so you would be contributing to improve e-Adventure.

We encourage you to complete this survey also if you haven't used e-Adventure to develop games and simulations; even if you are not planning to do so in the future. Actually your opinion is very interesting for us! We like critical opinions, that's the only way we have to understand what's wrong with e-Adventure and then fix it for you.

This questionnaire is seven pages long, at maximum. The estimated completion time is less than five minutes.

Should you have any doubt concerning this questionnaire, please address your questions at

Please, if you don't want to answer a question leave it blank or fill it with N/A, but browse all the pages until you get to the end. Then, click the "Submit" button - otherwise we won't get any data at all!


The eAdventure team.
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