Cheap Thrills: Casting
Now casting performers for a burlesque and variety show featuring acts created and costumed on the cheap. All costume components (except shoes and certain exempt items) and props must be procured within the allocated budget for each act (budget is per act, not per person). Performers will be asked to document their act and costume development process science fair style, also creating a display with receipts, photos and narrative.

Cheap Thrills is an opportunity to showcase your creativity, craftiness, and clearance rack/dollar store/thrift ninja skills!
For the April 2017 edition, the standard budget for acts is $[the year you were born] and the SPECIAL BUDGET CHALLENGE is SWAP MEET.

Want more information about how it works? Check out the Cheap Thrills! Show Info Doc at

Deadline for submissions is noon Tuesday, March 21st.
Casting should be completed by March 24th.
Performers will be notified of their budget/category in the casting email, which will include additional information and a link to a show information document.
Show date is Friday, April 28th.

It's easy to apply, just some questions. You will not get an email confirmation, just the confirmation upon submission.
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Why do you want to be a part of the show? Do you have an act concept in mind? Why should you be in the cast?
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Budget/Category *
This edition of the show will feature either a $19.XX (the XX being the year of your birth) budget or an option of a SPECIAL BUDGET BONUS CHALLENGE ACT... it's like extra credit, but extra hard: all swapped material from other performers in the show.
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