SkyGuy Media's Initial Questionnaire
We are so grateful that you are considering SkyGuy Media for your wedding. We
want your film to be as personal as possible because your story is your story, not ours
and we want you to see yourselves in the story of your day. We don’t make cookiecutter
weddings films so these simple questions will help us to get to know you better,
giving us ideas and story-telling points to focus on when we make your film.
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First and last name of both you and your fiancé
Cell phone numbers of both you and your fiancé
Email addresses of both you and your fiancé
Please list 3 things that will be unique about your wedding
Please explain how the two of you met and list any interesting things about your love story that you want us to know
What part of the wedding day are you looking forward to the most?
Are you writing your own vows?
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Are you considering seeing each other before the ceremony to take photos?
"First look"
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Are you giving each other any gifts or exchanging letters the morning of the wedding? You don’t have to divulge details, obviously.
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How important is cinematography to you in planning your wedding?
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How/where did you hear about SkyGuy Media?
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