ASCII Empires Feedback
This form is used to collect feedback from playtesting of the ASCII Empires boardgame. Thank you in advance for your input!
The version of rulebook used (found on the cover, e.g. "0.1")
The version of Empire sheet used (found on the bottom right corner, e.g. "0.1")
Is the game fun to play? What could be done to make it feel more enjoyable?
What player counts have you played with? How did the game work with those?
How is the interaction / dynamic like in multiplayer games? How could it be improved?
Do some actions or strategies feel overly powerful? Is there something you "always need to do" in order to score high?
Are there actions or strategies that seem weak? Do you find you avoid doing something because it doesn't seem to pay off?
What is the highest score you have seen in a game? How was this accomplished?
Does the Empire sheet print correctly (in b&w/colour)? Any issues?
Is the the Empire sheet easy to read and understand? Any suggestions for improvement?
Is the rulebook easy to understand? Any unclear rules?
Any typos in rulebook / Empire sheet?
Any other comments?
Name (Optional)
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