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Section Volunteering Opportunities
Professional Education & Development Committee:

The Professional Education & Development Committee is one of the most important Standing Committees of the IEEE Boston Section and plays a critical role in how the section plans its future. The committee is comprised of local technical professionals and is charged to plan the continuing education short course program for the IEEE Boston Section.

The committee meets two to four times each year. It meets at least once in the May – June and October - November timeframes to plan for the follow semester’s courses. The committee brainstorms for course topics and qualified organizers and/or speakers for the continuing education program. In addition to planning courses, the committee is charged to address issues in course promotion, future format, online courses, and identify the needs of the local high tech industry for their training.

Membership Development:

The membership Development Committee is the group charged with helping to develop Section membership by:

1. Participating in Membership Development Committee meetings.
Learning about IEEE and Region 1 membership development goals and plans.
2. Developing ways to implement membership development programs in the section.
3. Initiating and conducting membership development and retention programs and campaigns.

This committee would like to have broad representation including Young Professionals (formerly GOLD), Life, Senior members regular and non-members as well as the government, industry, academia, consulting and entrepreneurial sectors of the section so that we can better understand the needs and motivations of members and prospective members.

Life Members Affinity Group

We hold monthly seminars during September through May at the Lincoln Laboratory Auditorium. We have light refreshments (coffee and cookies) at 3:30 pm, the seminar is from about 4:00 to 5:00 pm and the speaker and guests are invited to dinner after the seminar. We usually have an audience that consists of IEEE Members, IEEE Life Members and their guests, along with Lincoln Lab employees. Our average attendance is about 60. Some Life Members are active in Re-Seed. Members of this committee will assist in identifying and arranging the topics and speakers as well as work with the speakers to coordinate the publicity for the monthly chapter meetings.

Women in Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group

Our mission is to develop programs and activities to inspire women to pursue careers in engineering, promote career advancement in the profession, and encourage IEEE membership growth and retention. We meet bimonthly to discuss possible topics/event of interest to members and jointly plan events with input from the entire committee. We have identified specific needs to actively address related to K-12 outreach, talks/networking socials, and scholarship programs for women. To leverage the wealth of IEEE resources, we jointly host events with a number of other societies.

Young Professionals (formerly GOLD) Affinity Group

We plan events based on our volunteers’ interest, what members request and guidance from Region 1 Young Professionals. Events range from outdoor activities, technical and non-technical seminars, student transition projects and other issues facing young professionals. Attendance is typically IEEE Members and Graduate Student Members and their guests. Average attendance ranges from 10-30 and higher for very successful events such as Paintball and those held with student chapters. Event information is available at http://www.ieee.org/go/bostongold. Members of this committee tend to plan at least one event of their choice. Other opportunities involve Student Chapter Coordinator to keep in touch and inform student chapters of events that may attract students and assist other chapters/societies that would interest young professionals. A publicity coordinator would assist in getting the information out about events.

IEEE-USA Professional Activities (PACE)

Events are based on governmental and professional development topics specific to the US IEEE Member. The committee organizes events to raise awareness of issues facing today’s US IEEE members and offers a conduit to make their voice heard in government. Some of the events include resume and interview workshops, lectures on governmental issues regarding IEEE members or other professional development topics. Members of this committee will assist in identifying key issues facing IEEE U.S. members, areas for professional development, and plan professional development seminars accordingly. Topics regarding government policies (H1B VISA for example) are also part of the seminars. This committee still requires volunteers in all areas.

Student Activities

The (SA)Student Activities is focused on integrating all the Boston Section IEEE Student groups so that they may collaborate with other schools and participate in each schools events. The Student Activities strives to get students involved in professional level IEEE and Young Professional events. SA supports and provides guidance to counselors and student branches in developing SPACs, participating in competitions and disseminating funding opportunities and IEEE sponsored competitions. On going tasks include, contacting each school every year to get the most recent list of officers, ensuring that each school's chapter website is available and recent. This list should be sent to the IEEE headquarters when available. Volunteers are also needed to contact the branch counselors to ensure communication between the student chapters and IEEE. An email alert should be sent every year reminding students to visit classes and promote IEEE membership as well as reminding students to elect new officers.

Fellows and Awards

The primary responsibility of the Fellows and Award Chair is to endorse Fellow grade nominations on behalf of the Boston Section and to nominate deserving members of our Section for variety of IEEE awards that are always available.

Local Conferences

We are the primary focal point for initiating the organization process for Boston Section Conferences (such as the up-coming Technologies for Practical Robotics and Applications TePRA'08 and the very successful series of IEEE Conferences on Technologies for Homeland Security HST) that might be proposed by members of the Executive Committee, Technical Society Chapters or any member of the Section. We also support the Executive Committee by providing conference-related information -- so that the Excom can make a decision as to whether to sponsor a conference that might be suggested from outside the Boston Section membership (such as the proposed International Technology Management Conference). Our meetings are scheduled as required based on the state of development of a proposal or on-going organization process -- we typically transition a fully developed conference to Local Organizing Committee or a Conference Steering Committee (such as HST). Each of these conference Steering Committees (SC) also requires volunteers for exhibits, promotion, publications, sponsorship, technical program and other chairmanship positions.

Web and Electronics Communications Committee (Sub Committee of the Publications Committee):

We provide support to the Excom with respect to Electronic means of communication with the Boston Section Membership -- such as monitoring, reviewing and suggesting updates to the IEEE Boston Website, e-mail blasts and other electronic communications matters. We also serve as a resource, in the area of Technical support to the Publications Committee and the Boston Section Office on these matters. We report to the Publications Committee (at least annually) and also meet with the Boston Section webmaster (at least annually -- as required).

First Choice for Section Roles
Second Choice for Section Roles
Chapters and Affinity Groups
The IEEE Boston Section has over 25 active chapters and affinity groups it is charged to support. The networking aspect of IEEE is at its most beneficial for its active volunteers. Not only do these volunteers interact with colleagues at the meetings, they have the added bonus of communicating with other active volunteers as well as communicating with prominent speakers in their area of expertise during the chapter meeting planning process. Each of these chapters’ plans, organizes and offers free technical meetings each year. The number of meetings planned each year varies from chapter to chapter. The chapter planning committees are eager to invite you to join them in the planning of their meetings. Below is a list of the active chapter/affinity groups in the Boston Section.

Aerospace and Electronic Systems
Antennas & Propagation
Computational Intelligence
Components, Packaging & Manuf.
Consultants Network**
Consumer Electronics
Control Systems
Entrepreneurs’ Network**
Electron Devices
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Engineering in Medicine and Biology
Geoscience and Remote Sensing
Instrumentation and Measurement
Microwave Theory and Techniques
Nuclear Plasma Sciences
Oceanic Engineering
Power Electronics
Power and Energy
Pre-University Activities
Product Safety
Robotics and Automation
Social Implications of Technology
Solid State Circuits
Signal Processing
Women in Engineering**
**affinity group

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