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Section Volunteering Opportunities
____....:::: Research Team ::::...._____

Have you got data science skills burning a hole in your pocket?
Want to be a contributor to the world’s largest professional technical organization in the world?

The IEEE Boston Section Research Focus Team has openings for three data science/research/analysis volunteers. In this role, you’ll be part of a focused team tasked with using the data from various sources and our focused teams to identify the vital few topics, subjects, technologies and trends our members and the technical community need or are looking for.

The fruits of your volunteer work will directly influence the future roadmaps of the Communications, Development and Future Events Focused Teams as well as the various IEEE Boston Section standing committees.

____....:::: Development Team ::::...._____

The IEEE Boston Section Development Team is tasked with developing membership toward ensuring the long-term financial stability of the section.

We're looking for volunteers who are excited about integrating information provided by the Research team and using it to provide strategic guidance to the Future Events and Communications teams.

We need people who understand people and what motivates them, want to help us define success metrics, design data collection strategies, and execute activities to drive progress toward our desired outcomes.

____....:::: Future Events Team ::::...._____

The Future Events Team has been charged with developing the next generation of conferences, seminars, courses, lectures, and other events on topics that meet the needs and interests of our members.

We are looking for volunteers to help us follow the trends in industry and to think outside the box about how to hold events. We also need volunteers to help us run these events.

Don’t worry if you don’t have experience. We have great resources to train you at every step of the way. We need your enthusiasm and new ideas!

____....:::: Communications Team ::::...._____

The Communications Team is responsible for developing the communications for the IEEE Boston Section. The artifacts of communication serve all facets of the section, especially the efforts of the other three teams (Development, Future Events, and Research).

The form of communication will include website, newsletter, and digital magazine content, as well as press releases, social media posting, campaigns, and supporting collateral for any team campaigns.

The media of communications will span everything from copy (text) through audio and video, through social media, newsletters, and digital magazines. The section has a presence on all the major platforms, including Youtube. Our Digital Magazine has a reach of more than 100,000 readers in the first 12 months of launch. Our newsletter reaches more than 95,000 inboxes annually in New England.

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