Title I School-Level Parent and Family Engagement Policy for 2020-2021 - Questionnaire Centennial High
Each year, Centennial High develops its written Title I parent and family engagement policy with input from Title I parents. We will be holding a meeting to discuss our policy and school-parent compact with parents this year on October 22, 2020 at _6:00__p.m. via Zoom. A link will be available on our website. Our policy must describe the means for carrying out various Title I parental involvement requirements. Will you provide us with your feedback about the issues below?Please complete this form to develop our 2020-2021 policy and compact.
Student's First and Last Name *
1. When might be a good time for you to attend meetings at our school?
2. What would be the best way to provide you with timely information about Title I programs?
3. What would be the best way for us to provide you with an explanation of the curriculum, assessments, and proficiency levels students are expected to meet?
4. How can teachers help you monitor and improve the achievement of your children?
5. What materials and training do you need to monitor and improve your child’s achievement?
6. In what format would you like for us to communicate information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities to you?
7. In what language would you like us to send materials to you?
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8. Would you like to participate more in our school? In what ways?
Are there any other ways that we might better communicate with and assist you?
Do you have any additional questions or concerns?
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