Application for COVID-19 Relief for Folk and Traditional Artists
New York Folklore is awarding grants of $500 to community-based folk and traditional artists impacted by COVID-19. Grants are one-time award made to individuals - not groups - to assist with their financial well-being. New York Folklore will be intentional in our distribution of awards, striving to reach a statewide dispersal and to reach those most in need.

To be eligible for this $500.00 one-time grant, the following conditions need to apply:
1. You must be a current resident of New York State.
2. You must identify as a traditional or folk artist (see below) and be currently active as a traditional artist.
3. You must indicate a financial need.

Folk and traditional artists are those artists who are practicing an art form that is held by a shared community of people - with community defined by ethnicity, occupation, region, gender, place of origin, religion, etc. Learning in this community is accomplished by one-on-one interaction through a long period of instruction between master/teacher and student, or through a more formal apprenticeship. Formal learning through classroom instruction is not the usual form of instruction for folk and traditional art forms. Often the art or skill is passed from older generation to younger generation, or through a peer network.

We are accepting applications in English, Spanish, and Chinese. If you would prefer to have a voice interview or text message exchange to complete this application, please email and indicate if you would like to be contacted in a language other than English.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel comprised of people working in the field of folk and traditional arts. Applications must be received by July 19, 2020 and will be acted upon by July 31, 2020. All decisions are final and non-acceptance does not indicate a dismissal of the applicant or the applicant's art form. This will be a competitive process and New York Folklore will not be able to fund all applications as only twenty-one grants will be awarded. New York Folklore intends to award at least one grant per region of New York.
Email address *
Phone Number
If you are a member of a performing group, please let us know the name of that group (for informational purposes only).
What is your specific cultural practice or art form?
Please name and describe your art form in greater detail.
Do you practice this art form as part of a cultural community? Please name or describe your specific cultural community.
Please briefly describe a recent project or performance where you engaged your community.
Please share a URL or link to a performance of yours or to artwork that you have created.
How has COVID-19 impacted your professional work as a folk and traditional artist? (100 words or less)
Have you had a performance or other artistic services cancelled resulting in lost income? Please be specific. (100 words or less)
Is making or performing your traditional art your only source of income?
Have you been able to perform your folk/traditional art online or in a virtual space?
What specific lack of funds do you have related to the COVID-19 health crisis for which you need help? Examples might be rent, medical bills, groceries, other household expenses, etc.
Have you (or a family member) received any other COVID-19 support (grants or loans) ?
How did you hear about this fund?
Please supply the name and contact information (email or phone number) of a person or organization that can verify your work.
We intend to maintain privacy for the recipients. However, if you are selected, may we share your name and/or story? (Your answer will not impact your application.)
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