Post Foyle Cup Survey
Welcome to the Foyle Cup, we are committed to providing a fun, safe and inclusive event for everyone involved in our annual tournament. This year we would like to capture various opinions and experiences of the teams competing in the 2017 event through a pre and post online survey. When completing this survey we suggest the coach lead a discussion to capture the views of the team.
1. What age group is your team competing in? *
2. Is your team male or female? *
3. What is your Club postcode? *
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In Northern Ireland, many people come from different religious backgrounds. They belong to different communities. They have different nationalities. We want to know about your background. So, please answer the following questions about your religion/community/nationality.
4. How would you describe the religious background your team comes from? *
Other, please give details What would your team see itself as ... (you can choose more than one answer)? (If you see yourself, as European, e.g., Polish, select other and please give details.)

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5. Have you attended the Foyle Cup before? *
6. Do you have friends from a different community background with whom you meet up with on a continuous basis? *
7. We think people from different community background should play football together? *
8 Do you like to play football with people from different community background to your own? *
9 How comfortable do you feel playing matches in areas with a different community background than your own? *
10 How comfortable would you feel if the PSNI were present during your matches? *
11 How confident would you be to describe other cultures other than your own? *
12 How much importance would you attach to Foyle Cup as an opportunity to create cross community contact / improve good relationships between our communities. *
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