Graduate Student Survey
Thank you for your time in filling out this survey. The GSC and SUGSE appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts on the graduate student experience at Brown University!

- The purpose of this survey is to assess graduate students' views on campus climate and graduate labor.
- The survey is designed to take 5 to 10 minutes to complete and will be open until March 31st.
- You may change your answers on previous pages by clicking "Back" at the bottom of each screen.
- At the end of the survey, you have the option of submitting more open-ended comments or concerns.
Privacy Note
Your input provides important information for the Graduate Student Council (GSC) and Stand Up for Graduate Student Employees (SUGSE). Graduate student privacy is VERY important to us. This survey is anonymous, and you are not required to share personally identifiable information (e.g., being of a certain race or gender in a department). Raw data will NEVER be shared publicly or with other entities (e.g. administrators, staff, faculty, etc.).
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