Client Satisfaction Survey Form
Our goal is to satisfy our clients by providing them with the best care possible. To help us improve our service delivery, Please take a moment to complete this survey.
How would you rate us on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being Not pleased at all 5 being pleased and 10 being very pleased.
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Are you pleased with the Services being provided?
Are services meeting your needs?
Is the Employee performance up to standard?
Is the Employees appearance professional?
Is the employee prompt and on time?
How is the employees knowledge of your condition?
How is the Employees attitude?
Does the employee use safety techniques?
How is the employees hand washing techniques?
Are you and your property being treated with respect?
When you call the office is the phone being answered in a timely manner?
Was the voice over the phone courteous?
Were your needs taken care of?
Were you pleased with the response?
Were your messages returned within 30 minutes?
Do you feel safe with your current caregiver?
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