Spring 2018 English Class Choices
-- The following are the SIX class choices that may be available in Spring 2018:
-- Rank your TOP THREE class choices.

NOTE: You must choose three different classes. If you repeat the same class choice, you may be placed at random in any of the four classes. Also, DO NOT pick a class you have already taken.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Miss the days of Independent Reading? Find it annoying that your teachers always assign whole class texts? This class will focus on independent reading and reading in book clubs. Your choices around what you read and your questions will drive this course. We will study several literary lenses as a whole class to apply in our reading: Reader Response, feminist, marxist, critical race, psychological are all possibilities...but you will have choice. Units will include exploring multiple works by one author you’re excited about and texts revolving around a theme.

Tragedy: There are no happy endings in this class. Sorry. You will become experts on the classic genre of tragedy as you study, perform, debate and analyze the works of Aristotle, Sophocles, Shakespeare and Arthur Miller. Assessments will include creative pieces such as performances and adaptations of ancient plays and literary essays.

Sports Journalism: In this class we will engage in a close study of both the craft and the content of a variety of sports journalism including newspapers, blogs, podcasts and sports programs. Students will engage in the study and creating of player/coach/team profiles, play-by-play vs. analysis, debate, and creating video segments. In addition to learning the craft and research elements that go into sports journalism, we will engage in a close study of major social issues that arise in sports and examine what role sports and athletes play in our society.

Intro to Sociology: Sociology looks at the interaction between the individual and society. To what extent does the individual control his or her future? What role does society play? How does the social class into which we are born influence who we are? What about our race? What is the school to prison pipeline and how can schools disrupt it? We will explore these questions through nonfiction, literature, graphic novel/memoir, and film.

Creative Writing: Do you have a story you want to tell through writing, film, poems/songs? All students will experiment with a variety of genres and then create one big piece in a chosen medium: poetry, fiction, playwriting/screenwriting. We will look at model texts, but the bulk of the class will be producing original work and getting feedback on this work in order to create a finished piece. In this class you will be engaged in a serious study of the craft and production of writing, which includes close reading and analysis of master writers, as well as engaging in creative activities of your own.

AP Literature: This is only a choice if you are already enrolled in the class this semester.

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