Shura Council Youth of the Year Award
The Shura Council of Southern California is seeking nominations for youth (15-24 years), who have positively represented their community, volunteered their time. This award recognizes that positive contributions to society come from people of all ages. Shura Council is seeking nominations for volunteers who have gone above and beyond this year in our service to their community, and society at large.

Nominee Criteria

All nominees must meet the following criteria to be eligible for nomination:
- Nominees must reside in Southern California.
- Self-nominations will not be accepted.
- Nominees must be at least 15 years of age and not exceed 25 years of age.
- The nominee must have character of high integrity, in accordance with the tenets of Islam.
- Nominations cannot be made for any Shura Council sponsors (individuals or organizations).
- Nominations cannot be made for any Shura Council judges, Majlis members or their family members or associations they are involved in.

The Shura Council YOTY Committee reserves the right to disqualify a nominee from consideration of an award if, in the discretion of the committee, the nomination is incomplete or fraudulent, or other circumstances relating to the integrity of the nomination process warrant disqualification.

Submit your completed nomination form by pressing the "Submit" button at the bottom of the form.
Nominees are mainly awarded for their work between [January 2017 and January 2018]. Nominations closed on [January 28th 2018].

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