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Two hours are required for your first session. Select your preference from the list of packages below. Remember that hypnotherapy is not magic, it's training. Therefore, the more sessions you have, the easier it will be for you to make the changes you want, and the greater and more permanent those changes will be. Payment is by credit card or EFT, if you would like to pay cash please let me know prior to your treatment. I will email your receipt for your tax rebate, category "vocational stress therapy".

Please ensure that your package is paid in full before your first session.

Fees and Packages
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More info about the free hour you receive worth R400 every time you refer someone here:

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Branch Code: 632005
Acc Number: 9090987859
Beneficiary: Andrew Wilding
Reference: Your Name

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Please allow 24 hours for all cancellations or changes in scheduled appointments. Missing a scheduled appointment without prior cancellation may be charged at the current full rate.

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