DH Awards 2014 - Feedback
DH Awards is interested in getting feedback in order to improve for next year. The awards are openly nominated, openly voted, and aggregate (anonymised) feedback will be made publicly available. The nominations committee are volunteers who help filter the nominations only on the criteria of 'Is it vaguely DH?', 'Does it fit the category?', and 'Is it from/launched/updated/published in that year?'. For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions at http://dhawards.org/dhawards2014/faqs2014/.
Did you nominate something for DH 2014?
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What would encourage you to nominate something for DH Awards 2015?
Did you vote in DH Awards 2014?
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What would encourage you to vote for something for DH Awards 2015?
Should DH Awards 2015 stick to only allowing resources published/updated/modified/revised/launched/etc. in 2015?
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Are you willing to translate the call for nominations, call for voting, etc. into another language?
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Is there someone you'd suggest for the nominations committee that would expand its international coverage?
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Which categories from DH Awards 2014 would you keep?
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Do you have any other comments, suggestions, criticisms, recommendations of software, or praise for DH Awards?
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