Art Along the Trails: Open Call Application

Organized by Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS) and Andover Arts and Cultural Alliance (AACA), Art Along the Trails is an outdoor art exhibition along the AVIS properties.

Art Along the Trails celebrates 125 years of AVIS preserving wildlife habitats and water resources while providing free access to hills, woods and waterways to Andover residents and visitors. Art and nature bring beauty into our lives, inspire us with wonder and curiosity, and spark our imaginations and creativity. By sharing our creativity with each other in the natural environment, we honor the gifts we receive from it.

Individual artists, collaborative artists, students and community groups are invited to submit artwork for consideration. Artists are encouraged to consider how the natural world informs their art and how their art compliments the natural world with particular emphasis on AVIS. We request that artwork be appropriate for all ages. AACA and AVIS reserve the right to reject proposals as deemed in the best interests of the Art Along the Trails project.

Artwork can be two or three dimensional, static, interactive or performance based. All work must be weather tolerant, stable and secure when installed along the trail. Artists are responsible for installing their art and may begin on June 1, 2019. They must remove their art no later than September 15, 2019. Any installations not removed by 9/15/2019 will be removed and disposed of. Performance and time-based activations may take place between June 1, 2019 and September 15, 2019.

As you develop your proposal, please keep in mind that the iInstallation and maintenance of any artwork must abide by AVIS Rules and Regulations. The regulations can be found here:

AVIS and AACA are not responsible for artwork along the trails or for use of trails and properties.
Artists are responsible for insuring their work (optional) and assume responsibility for their work along the trails.

Proposals will be considered on a rolling basis until MAY 15, 2019 at 11:59PM.

Thank you for your interest and for sharing your creativity with us!

To find out more about AVIS:
To find out more about AACA:

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Please use the space below to describe the art work, performance, or project you are proposing in as much detail as possible and address these questions in your description.
- What do you plan to do?
- If you are making a piece of visual, fiber, metal, sculptural or other physical piece of art, what materials is it/will it be made of?

- Who are you? Who are your collaborators or helpers? Who will you be inviting to see, participate or experience your work and how many participants/audience members do you hope to attract?

- If you are installing a piece, when will you install it? When will you remove it?
- If you are planning a performance or other time-based activation, when (date & time) do you wish to hold your event?

- If you are installing a piece or art, how will you install it on the trail? How can you be certain it will withstand the weather and/or wildlife for the duration of its installation? How will you remove it?
- If you are planning a performance or other time-based activation, how will you prepare/rehearse? How will you get your audience in and out of the trail/reservation?

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Site Preference *
Do you have a preference for a particular AVIS trail or site on one of the trails? We recommend using one of the following trails, but will consider proposals for other sites as well. Trail descriptions can be found here:
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