FlowMotion Symposium Volunteer Application
Do you want to come to Symposium? Do you love to help? A little short on funds? We always need volunteers!

FlowMotion Symposium is held November 10th-12th, 2017 in Bloomington, Indiana. Our event wouldn't be the same without the help of our community.

Please note: Your accommodations are your responsibility. Shared rooms are quite reasonable at the hotel, so grab some friends and get ready for a great weekend of learning, shows and teamwork!

When you have been notified of acceptance to our volunteer team, you will need to purchase a full price ticket as your volunteer deposit. On Sunday, November 6th, when you have completed your shift(s), you will receive a refund of half your ticket price (for 4 hours of service) or a full refund (for 8 hours of service).** Please note due to limited seating, the Saturday Gala showcase is a separate ticket and is not included in the festival pass.

Early Bird Volunteers will receive $40 or $80 refund depending on amount of service.
Standard Volunteers will receive $50 or $100 refund depending on amount of service.

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By completing this application you are declaring your ability to help with Symposium 2017 and will abide by all rules and procedures set forth by the directors of said event. Every attempt will be made to communicate to you your shift, duties,and responsibilities. Illegal Drug use and underage alcohol use is not tolerated at any time during our event. You are expected to be fully sober during all your volunteer shifts. Please be aware that laws vary from state to state and Indiana is not a recreational-use state. By hitting submit you agree to these terms and declare yourself eligible to volunteer. Thank you!
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