Peer Mentor Fall Escape Room
*Open to members of the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program only. Free to participate.

The SASHP Peer Mentor Programming Board will be hosting its fourth Escape Room on Monday October 28, Tuesday October 29, and Wednesday October 30.

Groups should consist of no more than 5 people. Priority will be given to groups that contain at least one member of the Peer Mentor program (Mentor or Mentee) and/or groups that contain a Mentor and Mentee pair.

The Escape Room will take place on Busch Campus in the Nelson Biological Lab, Rm. A110 and will be timed for 25 minutes. Please arrive on time for your scheduled time slot. We cannot give extra time to groups that arrive late.

We ask that you provide email addresses for all team members for reminders and one phone number that our Programming Board Members can contact if your group does not arrive.
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