Tremors Synchronized Skating Teams Official Tryouts for the 2020-2021 Season!
Official tryouts for the Tremors Synchronized Skating Teams 2020-2021 season will be held VIRTUALLY!

Please select the correct tryout below, and DOUBLE check your email as a follow up email will be sent with detailed instructions on how to complete your virtual tryout. Tryout Videos Due: Tuesday, April 21

Proof of moves in the field test levels will be required at check in.

Tryout Fee: $50

Thank you for your interest in Tremors Synchronized Ice Skating Teams!! Please email with any questions. Tremors Synchronized Ice Skating Teams -
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As a skater or a parent/legal guardian of above named skater, I understand that Tremorsync, Inc., the coaches of Tremors, skating rinks, and associates cannot be held responsible for any injuries or damages suffered by above named skater during the participation in Tremors. With this knowledge, I consent to the participation of above named skater in Tremors events. I agree that neither above named skater nor the parent/legal guardian of above named skater will institute any legal action or assert any claim against Tremorsync, Inc. or Yerba Buena Ice Rink for any injury or damage experienced by above named skater during Tremors activities. Tremorsync, Inc. will not be responsible for any loss of personal items during participation with Tremors. I understand that while skating in a Tremors event, photographs or videotape of the image of the above name skater may occur. I hereby consent of the image and name of above named skater being used by Tremors for commerce, business, education and/or entertainment purposes, without limitation. In an emergency situation, I also hereby grant permission for a member of Tremorsync, Inc or affiliate to seek emergency medical treatment for above named skater. If in the judgment of a qualified medical doctor or other personnel of an emergency treatment facility, medical assistance or treatment is required, this will authorize such assistance of treatment.
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