APPLICATION: Women of the Ecstatic Earth - Initiation journey, 7.-11.9 in Chorin, Berlin
Welcome dearest Sister, Woman, Human Soul. We are super excited to receive your interest for this in person initiation journey & retreat. To safely dive deep into this space, we ask you to answer this application form with integrity and intention. Thank you for your time and devotion. 
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Have you ever participated in sex positive spaces or FeminineEmbodiment/WomenCircle/MoonCircle/Womb-Awakening/Yoni-EggPractice/Tantric-Sessions/Ecstatic-Dance -- or similar?
How much are you connected with your Voice? Have you done Voice work or any practice around your Voice-Connection?
Please describe the feeling, this event is activating (Physically/Emotionally). What does call to you the most?
What makes you nervous/scared, as feeling into the personal growth potential of this Initiation Journey?
Are you currently going through mental health issues or any medical treatments? If so, please share a bit where you come from and how your journey is going right now:
Do you agree to fully take responsibility about your actions and boundaries, as well as respecting the boundaries of the facilitators and participants?
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CATERING - Great News!: This beautiful Retreat-Place in Nature (Haus-Am-See in Chorin) has a huge priority on high quality biological food. We will have Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner as well as Tea & Snacks. Please mark the following  preferences: *
PAYMENT: EARLY BIRD, REGULAR, FLEXIBLE with Instalments (INCLUDING Catering & Accomodation!):
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ACCOMODATION : The whole (and new) Block-House is all ours during this 5 day Initiation Journey. To book your sleeping place, you have following 3 options:
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Is there anything else, you need to share or to ask? Please feel free to connect with Joanna Tuulia: 
All done! Be sure to check your e-mail including spam in the next days for the response. MUCH LOVE ! ❤
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