Survey about Reinventing Organizations WIKI
We would like all users of the wiki to leave us your feedback, so that, over time, the wiki can improve in the direction that the users would like to see and would find useful! So many thanks for filling out this survey :-)
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What question(s) brought you to the wiki?
How useful is this wiki to you and/or your organization, as a resource to your organization's continued journey? (don't be nice, tell us exactly as it is: scale 1-5, where 1 is not useful at all, and 5 is extremely useful)? *
If you did not mark 5 in the previous question: What could make the wiki more useful to you or your organization, on your journey towards teal?
What do you find useful about the wiki as it is now? (What shouldn't we change?)
Is there a subject that you would love to read about which is currently not included in the wiki - or a change in how the information is presented or organized? If yes, which topics should we include or what changes should we make?
Any other remarks, suggestions? Maybe ways you'd want to contribute?
How familiar are you with the concepts of teal organizations? *
How many colleagues are at your present organization?
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What type of organization are you working in?
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What is your role at your present organization?
What level of development do you think that your present organization mostly revolves around - and possibly, why?
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Is there a practice of your organization you think would be interesting to feature in the wiki? If yes, please leave your contact information - or even better, join us in the facebook group:
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