"Decrease for the Sustainability"
Please read carefully the following text before applying.

What: "Decrease for the Sustainability" is a youth exchange under the frame of Erasmus+ on environment, development and culture.
When: 14th-22th October (14th arrival day and 22nd departure day)
Who: 5 participants (between 18 and 30 years old -both inclusive- by september 2016) + 1 leader per country (with no age limit) from Croatia, Belgium, Italy, and Spain.
Where: The exchange will take place in Sierra de Vicort, close to Calatayud.
Accommodation: http://www.calatayud.es/contenido/albergue-m-sierra-vicor


This exchange follows the idea of how to consuming less to live better, will be created by the participants like a coctail between discussions, workshops, introductions of your own projects/ nets, to find solutions to face the actual situation of consumerism and pollution. Builing horizontal and local communities. Fighting against climate change increasing the awareness; qualigy of food resources for a fair trade and equal distribution of the resourses.

We are waiting for motivated participants who already take part activily in "Decreasement" and "Sustainability", but those are very broad fields and for this project we want to concentrate on the following aspects:

- Decreased personal goods and services: how to consume less resources. With an special attention to reduce the ecological footprint, energy saving in housing and how we can do it ourselves with recycled or low cost materials.
- Km 0 food: Local and seasonal consumption and how to reduce the quatity of wasted food with a recyclable kitchen,
preparing of preserves, mermelades, etc.
- The importance of local networks: how to create and manage local consumer networks, the exchange of goods and services with alternative and social economies.

Participants will have the chance to develop their own ideas during the youth exchange. We will share the work of participants online after the exchange.


You don't need to be a studient. No prior knowledge is required, but we appreciate:

- The participants should be youngs with the desire to share and to learn about other cultures.
- Connected to Nature and to environmental concerns.
- Who take the iniciative to make or build the needs by themselves avoiding consumerism.
- Interest in developing his/her own initiatives and already taking part in horizontal networks or colectives.
- We are expecting you to contribute to the exchange with some of your knowledge.

Travel costs:

Travel costs will be reimbursed up 275€ for participants coming from outside Spain. And 180€ for participants from Spain.

ONLY THE CHEAPEST means of transport will be reimbursed. Tips: http://www.kayak.com and http://www.rome2rio.com/es.

You are allowed to come to Spain 2 days before and leave 2 days after the exchange as long as you find your own food, accommodation, etc. for those days. But you have to be sure that you will be in the exchange from the beggining (14th) to the end (22nd October).

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 15/ 09/ 2017

Once your place is confirmed, please buy your flights as soon as possible.

An infopack with more details and practicalities will be sent to the selected participants.

Thank you!

Hostel in "Sierra de Vicort"
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