Thank you for your interest in the Rock & Roll Rumble. This will mark the first time we have been able to safely plan a Rumble in three years. 

Dates are Thursday, April 6 through Saturday, May 6, 2023 - dates that all band members should anticipate being available with no other show conflicts. Twenty four bands are selected to participate over six preliminary nights. The Rumble is a total of nine nights throughout the month.

All Rumble consideration remains directly related to Boston Emissions. In all fairness, Rumble submissions happen year-round by sending music to Boston Emissions and being in touch with the show. You must send music to be considered. See Boston Emissions Submissions page.

Guide for bands:  

  • be from New England and playing in the Boston area regularly 
  • have released new music within the year 
  • have a full band – this is a live music event that features live band performances
  • receive airplay in advance of Rumble consideration on Boston Emissions – this means you should already have reached out to the show (Please note that I do not use DMs, @tags, or Facebook messages to accept music for the show)
  • have an active presence online via social media and must be making a valid attempt at promotion
  • be actively playing live shows
  • play original music, no cover/tribute acts
  • a band may only appear in The Rumble once (though individual musicians have appeared several times, sometimes in the same Rumbles!)

    The Rock & Roll Rumble is NOT PAY TO PLAY; all bands are paid to participate and it has always been this way despite what anyone says on Facebook.

  • Anyone who agrees to participate is expected to promote the Rumble and their appearance(s); a full and detailed explanation will be provided. If you are not comfortable promoting yourself and telling people about your shows, this isn’t for you.

Things bands should have at the ready:

  • have good, current, and press-ready high resolution band photos in landscape format and in color – without visible brand logos.
  • a coherent band biography – two paragraphs max. If you need help, get someone to write one for you. 
  • band presence via a website and social media – Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I use socials for promotion and I will tag bands in that promotion, others will too.
  • have one good, easy to find handle for all of your band pages (like @thebeatlesmusic or @thebeatlesband – you get it). Consistency is your friend.
  • new music streaming and ready to be listened to, downloaded, and purchased
    **I use Bandcamp. It is great for the purposes of the Rock & Roll Rumble.
  • fresh band merch like stickers, t-shirts, pins, CDs, vinyl – people like to buy things. 

SUBMISSIONS LINK WILL REMAIN ACTIVE FROM OCTOBER 13 UNTIL DECEMBER 30, 2022. Please provide information listed below. One submission per band. Thank you very much.

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**Please note that I do not look for amount of likes, views, etc. Simply presence and content. 
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Thank you. I appreciate your time and attention. Boston Emissions merch store offers 40% off all merch in the store (BE, Rumble, Crime of the Truest Kind, AWM) using the code RUMBLE at Thanks for reading.
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