Training Experiences of Retired Athletes
The purpose of this survey is to gain a general understanding of retired athletes in their strength and fitness transition from professional/competitive sports to their current life, lifestyles, and life goals. With your answers, I hope to identify current gaps and needs that exist as people transition out of a life dedicated to training for and playing a sport at a high level.

Retired athletes come from a variety of sports, countries and genders as well as generations. I would like your answers to be true to your experience and not in anticipation of what changes you have seen happen in the league, sport or federation you used to work in.

My hope is that in the next 10 years I can work with others to create a better world and fill in the gaps where they are not being addressed, as well as to identify where there is no need for further attention. I expect differences to occur along gender lines, by country, and by sport to some degree. Please be as honest and thoughtful as possible in answering these questions, and give yourself time to not feel rushed.

This survey should take 10-15 minutes of your time. I really appreciate it!
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Current country of residence: *
If outside of the US, where were you based professionally or collegiately for your sport?
How long have you been retired? *
What sport and level did you play as a professional or compete at in a high level? (i.e. Soccer - NWSL, Figure Skating - Preliminary Singles) *
To what extent was injury, pregnancy or other medical issues factor into your decision to retire? *
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It was the only reason I retired
What type of work do you currently do? (check all that apply) *
How have you transitioned your training in retirement? *
As a retired athlete, what are your greatest concerns about strength and physical functionality? (select all that apply) *
In your current stage of life, what additional knowledge, training, assistance or resources for your fitness do you want or need? *
Have you found a new sport or a way to continue with your old sport in retirement? If so, what have you transitioned to? ( Rec leagues, from soccer to baseball, figure skating to curling etc.)
In your experience, to what degree was your training provided and orchestrated by your club or federation? *
At what point did you start to receive good guidance in your strength training program? *
Do you believe you would have benefited or avoided more injuries from earlier guidance and assistance if it had been available? *
Were any strength training options/guidance programs available to you in your youth? *
Regarding the previous question, if training options were available and you did not or could not use them, what were the barriers that kept you from using them? (check all that apply)
What frustrated you about the strength and fitness training your received during your time as an athlete? (Regardless of whether or not circumstances have changed.) *
From a fitness perspective, If you could change the way athletes transition into retirement, what would you change to make that transition easier and smoother? *
In the time that you have been retired, have you discovered any needs for your sustained fitness that you had never thought of or imagined as an athlete? *
Before retirement, what was your greatest concern about your post-retirement fitness? (check as many as apply) *
Feel free to give any additional feedback, thoughts or input you wish to mention in regards to this survey, fitness in your athletic career, or post athletic career.
Are you willing to be contacted for follow up via email if I have additional questions on your answers? *
Thank you SO MUCH for your time and input! I know retired athletes get asked to do a lot of these, and I am grateful for your input.
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