Marrow Enrollment
Marrow programming and enrollment is for youth 10-24 only! Thanks!
We require everyone to enroll with us, both for your safety, and also to collect basic information about attendance for our funders. If you have an issue, please send an email to or come by the space!
ONLY the program director (Daylynn) will see this form.

(Enrollment is three pages, the second page is a safe(r) space contract, the third page is an optional survey.)

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(Enrollment at Marrow is for youth 10-24 only).
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you?
(if so, here's your space to do so! special needs, interests, concerns, etc)
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(someone we can contact if there's an emergency that involves you. if you're under 18 years old this should be someone who is 18+, preferably a parent or other adult you trust.)
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There are more in-depth descriptions of the two options here:
How would you like to enroll? *
If you selected "SEASONAL", and someone other than you will be paying, please give us that person's email address here:
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