Student, Parent & Staff Homework Agreement
Dear Parents,

As you know the school year is almost half gone and your child is being assigned homework in spelling, math, and reading by Highland Park teachers. Please sign this form that your child and the parent knows what the expectation is about homework during ASCC time.

The program designates times daily for the child to work on homework from Monday through Thursday. This means homework in spelling, math, and reading for Highland Park students. We provide 30 minutes of quiet time for homework and 30 minutes of whisper-time. ASCC staff will assist students when questions arise as much as possible. Staff will make an effort to ensure that students engage in homework during the homework period. Due to the large format of our program, ASCC will not check the student daily agenda, work for accuracy and completion. Parents are responsible for checking their child’s daily agenda, homework for completion, accuracy, and assisting their child with homework that requires one-on-one instruction. Students are responsible for writing their homework assignments down on their agenda so that they know what homework to work on daily. It is the responsibility of the student to bring their agenda or homework folder and homework to ASCC daily. ASCC is not responsible for knowing what assignments each student has daily. If a student decides not to do homework at ASCC it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that it gets done at home.

When students are not present during homework time, due to participation in after-school tutoring or extracurricular classes, ASCC staff will encourage the students to work on homework, but may not be able to provide or assist with homework due to the responsibilities related to supervision of active play. We encourage students to play and interact with friends during outside playtime and do not use their outside time for homework time. Please check your child's ASCC teacher about the times of homework and outside playtime.

If a parent decides that their child/children do not have to do homework in ASCC, it will then be the responsibility of the parent to provide material (books or workbooks) to occupy their time while others are working and completing their homework. Electronic devices and games are not permitted. If a student is being disruptive during homework time, the parent will be called to pick up the student.

Thank you,
ASCC Staff
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