Google Forms Question Types
This form gives an example of all of the different question types available in Google Forms.
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Text *
Enter the name of your school or department
Paragraph Text *
Tell us a little about yourself.
Multiple Choice *
How long have you been teaching? Select the best answer for you.
Checkboxes *
What activities do you enjoy? Select as many as apply.
Choose from a list *
Did you have breakfast this morning?
Scale *
On a scale from 1 to 5, how much do you like chocolate?
Don't like
You can break things into sections
Grid *
How familiar are you with Google Apps? Rate your use for each Google App.
Not at all, never used it.
A little, use it for my own use
Moderate, use it for my own use and share with a select few
Very, use it regularly and share with many others
Tremendously, use it regularly with colleagues, students and others
Date *
What is today's date?
Time *
What time is it right now?
Add in a Graphic
Google Server Farm
Insert a video and ask questions underneath
Are you familiar with the Minute Physics videos? *
Inserting images means you can also insert animated GIFs *
Captionless Image
Clear form
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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