Parental Consent, Certification, and Medical Authorization For 2018
This form allows your child to attend and participate in Cornerstone events for the calendar year of 2018.
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Consent and Certification
I, the undersigned, being the parent or legal guardian of the child named above (the "child"), do hereby consent to the participation of my child in activities sponsored by Cornerstone Christian Church throughout the year 2018.
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Is your child presently being treated for an injury or sickness or taking any form of medication for any reason? *
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Is your child allergic to any type of medication? *
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Medical Treatment Authorization
I understand that I will be notified in the case of a medical emergency involving my child. However, in the event that I cannot be reached, I authorize the calling of a doctor and the providing of necessary services in the event my child is injured or becomes ill. I understand that the church will not be responsible for medical expenses incurred, but that such expenses will be my responsibility as parent/guardian.
I agree to notify the church in the event of any health changes that would restrict my child's participation in any normal youth or children's activities. I also understand that the adult supervisors reserve the right to restrict my child from any activity that they do not feel is within the physical capabilities of my child.
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