Metal Gear Speedrunners Twitch Team Application
Want to join the official Twitch Team? Please fill out the application!

1. Length of Time in Community

You must run a Metal Gear game for at least four months. The date is based on your first published run.

2. Good Standing in Community
If you are permanently banned from the Discord or the MGSR Twitch channel due to your behavior, you cannot join the team. If you are already on the team at the time, you will be removed.

3. Interest in Metal Gear Speedruns
You do not need to play or run Metal Gear all the time, but you should have interest in continuing to run a game in the series.

4. Webcam Rule
If you have no capture card and instead record TV footage off of webcam, you cannot join the team until you get a capture card. If you run primarily on PC and Emulator, you can avoid this rule.

What is your Twitch channel URL? *
What is your discord name? Please include the # and four numbers (example#5291).
Do you meet the time requirement of running a Metal Gear game for at least four months? *
Please post a video link of your earliest recorded run or a run that satisfies the length requirement. *
Do you agree to the above requirements?
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Why do you want to join the Twitch team?
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