This form is used for the ambassador program that is always open or for the upcoming ambassador program.

There is a new method to contribute to TheWake even get a head start on becoming a full-time contributor.
Ambassadors embody TheWake's mission:
- The team's objective is to offer a real game to GAMEFI and become a market leader in blockchain gaming. 
 - Developing the greatest NFTs in the world 
 - People will learn that The Wake is the first and largest isometric massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) featuring Norse mythology in the metaverse. 
 - Finding a better way: a better way to produce and a better way to be an online citizen via the Discord and Telegram communities. 
 - We must disseminate TheWake information as far as possible, especially on all of our social media platforms. However, be loud in a positive manner. The current program will commence in mid-October. As an ambassador, you will be provided with the resources necessary to demonstrate your abilities and promote TheWake. 💎

What responsibilities do Ambassadors have? 
 - Educate the rest of the world about TheWake and the value we jointly produce. 
 - Inspire and direct investors and citizens in key channels and markets regarding TheWake. 
 - To contribute to the expansion and growth of the NFT universe. 
 - To prepare them for the upcoming online gaming craze Earn money by playing games. 

  What will Ambassadors obtain? 
 - Ambassadors who demonstrate exceptional performance will be elevated to official ambassador or other relevant positions (if desired). 
 - Access to the most latest NFTs from TheWake - Additional perks will be considered for selected Ambassadors. 
 - Receive a NFT & salary as compensation for their contribution

The applications will be evaluated and a response will be made via TG or e-mail.

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