EEGNet User Requirements Survey, a Canadian consortium with international partnerships, is seeking input from stakeholders and communities on the user requirements for open-source electrophysiology resources, to inform the scientific and clinical aims, utility, and design of the EEGNet platform.
Please let us know about your goals and challenges in multiple areas.
This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete, and works best in Chrome or Firefox. We thank you for your time and appreciate your input.
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About EEGNet
For more information, please visit and view the objectives and deliverables at: or email: 
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What research questions are you seeking to address?  
Section 1: EEGNet platform goals
1) At which stages could EEGNet bring the most impact to your research? Please use the following scale: *
Hadn't considered
No impact
A little impact
Significant impact
Critical impact
Protocol development
Data Acquisition
Access to datasets
Data standardization and preparation
Data Pre-processing
Analysis and post-processing
Sharing of data and/or processing tools
2) How would the following impact your research if you could work with them in a browser-based collaborative platform with your data ? *
Hadn't considered
No impact
A little impact
Significant impact
Critical impact
Online data hosting and sharing
Dataset Access controlled by data contributors
User roles/privileges per dataset (e.g. to annotate a dataset)
Data standardization tools
Curation tools for collaborative review / QC
Interactive collaborative visualization
Analytics Hub for automated pipeline workflows
3a) What (data) formats do you work with?  Which of them pose challenges/barriers for working collaboratively?
Not used
Using, No barriers
Using, Yes some barriers
BioSemi (.bdf)
BrainVision (.eeg, .vhdr., .vmrk)
EGI (.mff)
BIDS structures
Other (let us know below)
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3b)  If Other/Yes : Which other formats? and What could help minimize barriers for working collaboratively with each of these formats?
Section 2: Other Resources and Challenges
4) What areas of research practice could be modified to enhance inclusivity and access for underrepresented communities or groups? Which groups should EEGNet be sure to consult?  
5) What other goals would you like to see EEGNet address?  
6) Would you be interested in sharing tools or data with, or providing more information on your challenges and user requirements for your research context ? *
If Yes, Datasets -- please let us know more about your data here:
If Yes, Tools -- please let us know more about your tools, scripts or analysis pipelines here:
Please also consider completing our Technical Landscape Survey here:
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