Aberystwyth Cycle Festival Survey
We are conducting a survey on Aber Cyclefest. We would be grateful if you could fill out this short survey. Your participation is voluntary, and all results will be anonymous. If you have any questions about the survey please contact the organisers.
1. Which of the following are you?
2. Which of the following statements best describes your visit to Aberystwyth today?
3. If the Cyclefest had not been on, what would you have done instead of your visit?
4. Are you:
4a. If staying, how many nights are you away from home?
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5. Please state your home postcode
(If you do not know your postcode or if you are from outside the UK, please state the town or area you live in)
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6. Who did you come with?
7. How would you describe the event?
8. How would you rate the event on a scale of 1-5
Very Poor
9. How often do you cycle?
Does this event inspire you to cycle more often?
Which sponsors of this event do you associate with?
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Approximately how much have you spent on your visit to Aber Cyclefest?
Please include as many different areas of spending as possible, with amounts to the best of your recollection. If you have booked something, e.g. accommodation, but not actually paid for it yet, then please include it below as spending.
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12. Do you watch cycling on TV?
13. Do you follow cycling on the internet?
15. What is your gender?
16. Please indicate your age group
Do you have any general observations about Aber Cycle Fest?
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