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The Easton Safer Streets scheme was launched in 2015 in joint agreement with the Lawrence Hill, Easton and Eastville councillors. Sustrans were selected to work with the local community at a cost of £88,000, to find out what changes Easton residents really wanted to our local road network.

The total amount of money spent so far on the ‘consultation’ process is £160,000.

At a meeting with our local councillors on 28th November 2017 it was revealed that to gain the government funding at least one road always had to be closed.

During the entire consultation process this fact had never previously been revealed.

This means that the outcome was always a FOREGONE CONCLUSION.

The question is WHY waste £160,000 of public money on a 'consultation' when Easton residents did not have a ‘real’ choice? Why hide this VITAL information from the residents of Easton throughout the consultation process? How could those residents who engaged with Sustrans, Easton Safer Streets and the Council make an informed choice without ALL the information?

We feel it is likely that the entire consultation was carefully coordinated to create the impression that this was what Easton's residents wanted, when in reality this was not the case.

Easton Voice are interested to know how Easton's residents feel about this revelation. If you'd like to share your views please complete the questions below:
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1. Do you think Easton's residents should have been told that closing a road to motor vehicles was an essential requirement in order to receive the funding?
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