Sunshine Coast Computer Kindness Program Computer Request Form
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many individuals to work from home or families to provide home-schooling opportunities for their children. For those families or individuals who lack the resources to purchase a computer, this puts them at a significant disadvantage. The Sunshine Coast Computer Kindness program was created to help acquire, rebuild and then place functional, used computers into the hands of those most in need. Free technical support can also be found through the Ask a Geek Facebook group.

If you are a family or individual in need of a computer but lack the resources to purchase one on your own, please use this form to explain your needs and you will be added to the list in chronological order. Although every effort will be made to source, rebuild and provide you with a computer, we cannot make any promises that everyone will get a computer, or how long it will take. Each computer takes some time to source, test, acquire/replace parts and then rebuild and test. Also, in some cases where there is a clear and immediate need for a computer by a family or individual in need, they may be moved up the list. 

We have also partnered with the Sunshine Coast Resource Centre to provide the "Computer Kindness Corner", where devices can be picked up by those in need at their Sechelt location.  To apply to receive a device from them, please connect with them directly via their website.

This computer donation program runs entirely on trust. We cannot vet or confirm that everyone who makes a request has a legitimate need which they are unable to meet on their own. We are putting our trust in everyone to be honest and ONLY apply for a computer system if you genuinely cannot obtain one on your own and the lack of one puts you or your family at a significant disadvantage.  This community service is for those who clearly have a business, professional, family or school need, and do not already have a computer and lack the means or resources to obtain one on their own.
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