RHA Non-Monetary Request Form
This is an allocation form for non-monetary allocations from RHA. This form requests the permission to table near or in a Residence Hall or fundraise/collect donations in a Residence Hall.

If you are wanting to apply for a monetary request please refer to the monetary request form on the RHA website under allocations. If you are trying to check out items from RHA then please refer to the Basement checkout form on the RHA website under allocations.

Please be as detailed as possible with this form. The Executive Board will be referring to this when voting for your request. If approved, the Residential Life Advocate shall contact you. Then the next step of the allocation process is to attend at least one RHA General Body meeting. When this form is completed, email the RHA Residential Life Advocate or RLA (contact information found on the RHA website) for the locations and times of the upcoming General Body meetings. When attending this meeting be sure to check in with the RLA and let them know you are present. These forms will be checked on Wednesday each week and executive decisions will be sent out on Wednesdays. Do not attend a General Body Meeting within between the Wednesday following your submission date and the following Wednesday. (Don't attend a GBM until you recieve the executive decision and have contacted and spoken with the RLA)

When presenting your request to the RHA General Body, please have a detailed presentation of your reasons for tabling, fundraising, or donation collecting. Be detailed and specific and be sure to include all information from this form on your presentation.

RHA General Body Meetings (GBM) are Tuesdays in the Miller Learning Center. Be sure to email the RLA for information on locations of the meetings. You will list the meeting that you or a member of your organization shall attend before presenting. You MUST attend at least one meeting before being allowed to present your allocation request or you can meet one on one with the RLA which will suffice for your GBM requirement.

Name of Requestor
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Name of Organization
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Phone Number of Requestor
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Email Address
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Date of the RHA General Body Meeting that you will attend
Do not attend a General Body Meeting within the weeks time following the Wednesday following your submission date. (The executive board is still processing your form and acceptance or denial of initial request during that time) You may not present unless the executive board approves your request. If you plan to meet with the RLA then write that instead of the date.
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Date of program and/or time span that bins will be in the Residence Hall lobbies
If it is not just a single date, please include all dates. Be specific with time span for bins. Be sure that your planned time will coincide with the time it takes to complete this process. You are only allowed to gather donations or fund raise for a time span of 2 weeks unless otherwise dictated by the RHA executive board.
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Tabling or Bin Location
You may fund raise and collect donations in these halls only. Tabling may also be done in these halls, or you may be able to table outside depending on housing policies (for more information about tabling at other residence halls, email the RLA). Check all Residence Halls that you would like to fund raise, table, or collect donations at.
Size of Bin
Any bins with dimensions larger than 3' wide x 3' long x 3.5' tall are not allowed. Please give specific dimensions of bin size below. Put N/A if not collecting items.
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Description of Program
Include everything about the reason for tabling and/or what you are fund raising or collecting donations for. If this is a bin request, please include how you will maintain the box- this includes how you will empty the boxes and how often.
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