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Keeping and maintaining ideal wellbeing

Maintains ideal joint range of motion

Reestablish normal movement of harmed tissue

Enhances physical ability

Lowers blood pressure

Decrease physical stress and mental anxiety

Decrease aches, pain and soreness

What is Medical Massage?

Therapeutic massage is an outcome driven treatment and is designed to treat conditions that have been analyzed and diagnosed by a doctor. The massage therapist may utilize an assortment of modalities or techniques during the treatment, however they will concentrate on just the regions of the body identified in the exam.

Licensed Massage Therapists will endeavor to focus the massage therapy to help in the recuperation of a patients injured tissues. Our objective is to massage tissues and systems to aid patients increase their wellbeing.

Massage Therapy does a great job improving your overall health, easing the impacts of a wide scope of health conditions.

Specific Physical Benefits of Massage are:


Massage can greatly improve blood supply to tissues. Massage procedures move bodily fluids through blood and lymph vessels. By applying pressure before the stroke, a vacuum is made behind the point of contact. This is particularly significant in tight muscle tissue as a tight muscle will compress blood out of surrounding tissue, denying the tissues of essential oxygen and nutrients to repair an injury.


Focussed massage makes the pores in tissue layers open, allowing nutrient rich fluid to enter and exit. This enables waist to evacuate, for example, lactic acid can leave sore areas, and muscles can then take up oxygen and nutrients which help them recuperate all the more rapidly.


Targeted manual muscle therapy aids localized tissue extension (stretching). Myofascial treatments can stretch tissues that couldn't be extended by normal techniques. Groups of muscle strands are adequately stretched in beneficial ways improving muscle memory ability and improving a correct range of movement.


Scar tissue can for from any number of injury mechanisms, stressful activities repeated over time, lack of activity or acute trauma like an auto accident can damage muscle, ligaments and tendons. This can cause the development of scar tissues that is weaker, less elastic and more painful. Research has shown that focused massage therapy can aid in the healing of most forms of scar tissue.

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