Lobbying CEO Application
Along with the completion of this application, please email a copy of your resume to jamesmatthew.wyatt@my.uu.edu. Please answer all questions to the best of your ability!
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Have you attended a TISL General Assembly before? *
If so, what was your role? *
Do you have any past leadership roles? *
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What qualifies you to be the CEO of a Lobbying Firm? *
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How would you improve the lobbying program at TISL? *
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If you are chosen as a CEO for the 48th General Assembly, what is your preferred Firm? *
Rank your preferred firm with 1 being most preferred and 7 being least preferred. A description of each Firm is located at http://www.tislonline.org/GeneralAssembly/lobbying.html
Tennessee Gun Association
Diversity and Disability
Tennessee Law Enforcement
Business Tennessee
Tennessee Teachers
Organized Labor
Tennessee Healthcare Professionals
Regarding the above question, why would you prefer the Firm that you selected? *
*Preference to a desired Firm does not guarantee that you will be CEO for your preferred Firm
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