Church Life Survey
We want to grow!

Our church would love to grow and adapt to our changing world and to allow you to find like-minded Christians who want to share God's love. Just imagine what we could do as a church with the energy of youth and the experience of age!

This is a completely anonymous survey, your answers will not reveal your identity. Please share your thoughts and ideas without worry of embarrassment.
How would you rate your personal Christian life?
Out in the desert, non-existent
Strong and growing!
How would you rate your church life?
Out in the desert, non-existent
Strong and growing!
Which is your age group?
Which would best describe you?
What is your Gender?
How often do you attend church?
When you attend church, do you go to Peace? Or another church community?
What are some of the obstacles to your regular attendance at church services?
Check all that apply
Tell us more about your obstacles to regular church attendance...
What's keeping you from church? No judgement, just curiosity.
Your answer
In addition to church service attendance, do you currently participate in any of the activities listed below? Check all that apply.
What are other activities that would interest you?
What are some topics that would be of interest to you at a discussion group?
What would be an obstacle to your participation in any of these "extras"?
Would you be interested in leading any of the activities listed?
Nope, if you mark yes to this answer, you are not committing to leadership at this time.
What can or should we as a church body do to encourage our younger generation?
What would draw you back (increase your participation)?
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