Japanese Placement Test Form September 2017
1. The purpose of the placement test process is to place you in the most appropriate language course. You must answer these questions fully and honestly. Misrepresenting your knowledge of the language is considered a violation of academic integrity guidelines and will result in you being removed from the course without notice. Academic offences will be reported to the Office of Student Academic Integrity.
2. Registrations will be processed by priorities established by the department and the timestamp on your form submission, so it is in your interest to submit this form as soon as possible.
Email address
Please note that you will receive a copy of your answers at the email provided above. If you do not, please email natasja.vanderberg@utoronto.ca
Given name (exactly as it appears on ROSI):
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Surname (exactly as it appears on ROSI):
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Student number:
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U of T Email Address, if known (the department will use this address to communicate with you):
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Phone number (will only be used if needed; communication will normally be sent by email):
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What will your year of study be in 2017-2018?
Program of Study 1 (indicate whether Specialist/Major/Minor)
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Program of Study 2 (indicate whether Specialist/Major/Minor)
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Program of Study 3 (indicate whether Specialist/Major/Minor)
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In which course do you hope to enrol:
Please read through the course descriptions carefully and determine which course is most appropriate for your level. Please note that you must also register for and regularly attend a corresponding tutorial section for EAS121H1 and EAS220Y1. You must be attend the same tutorial section each day.
Choose the reason why you need to take the Placement Test:
I have no background in the Japanese language (including selfstudy).
If this is true, you do not need to take the placement test but should register in EAS120Y1Y as soon as you are allowed to on ACORN. Students with any background at all should use the self checklist to see if you need to take the placement test.
I have taken Japanese language courses at the postsecondary (university) level:
If yes, and you took the courses at U of T, please list your most recent course, the year in which you took it, and the grade you received.
Include the course which you dropped/did not complete as well. Please note that if you have the minimum grade in the prerequisite course for the course you wish to take, you do not need to take the Placement Test. Please see the EAS website for enrolment instructions.
Your answer
If yes, and you took any courses outside of U of T, please list institution, course code and name, and grade received for all courses:
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I have taken Japanese language courses at the secondary (high school) level:
If yes, please list high school name as well as the name of the board of education (such as Toronto District School Board), level of the course, and grade received for all courses:
Your answer
I can write/use:
If you checked Kanji as Japanese scripts, please indicate how many:
Your answer
I passed JLPT.
If yes, indicate which level and what year:
Your answer
Have you ever lived in or visited Japan?
If yes, for how long and in what year?
Your answer
Which language was spoken to you by your parents/caregivers as you were growing up? If more than one, please indicate.
Your answer
Have you ever attended a school (at any level) in which Japanese was spoken by the teachers?
If yes, which grade levels?
Your answer
How much of Japanese TV shows or movies can you understand without subtitles?
Past Placement Test Information
Have you previously taken the Japanese placement test?
When did you take the test?
If you were placed in a course, please indicate which course and state the reason you did not take it.
Your answer
Form Submission
I verify that the above information is accurate and I have not underrepresented my familiarity with the language. I also acknowledge that misrepresenting my language competency is an academic offence.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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