Caitlin Ben Dror Memorial Education Grant
Up to four (4) $300 scholarships will be awarded each year. Two (2) to the highest averaging adult riders and two (2) to the highest averaging young riders. No more than 2 scholarships from each group will be awarded (2016 revision).
All current MDA members who are in good standing are eligible to apply for a grant to train with the instructors(s) of their choice to further their development as equestrians if they have met the work credit requirements for the calendar year. The Scholarship/Educational Grant Chair shall submit to the executive board the successful applicants for final approval before the Awards Banquet. Candidates will be judged based on service to MDA (60%) and five (5) test scores of any level (40%) at MDA shows. Weighing the work credits allows an applicant with a lower test average achieve a higher overall score for this award than a person with just a higher test average.

Introductory, Pas de Deux, Quadrille, and Musical Freestyle are not eligible.

This award relies upon MDA Show Scores and MDA Work Credits. These are tracked on MDA's website, so applicants do not need to send copies of tests.

Application for this grant must be submitted online by 11:59 pm on December 1, 2018 . Applications are automatically time stamped.

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