DAM Salary Survey
Please complete all the questions below. If you have held multiple positions in the last 12 months, please use your current/last one, do not complete the form twice or use average figures.

The data is confidential and you can complete the form anonymously.

1. What is your age?
2. What is your gender?
3. If you choose to identify yourself by race for demographic purposes, please do so below.
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4. Please indicate the country in which you work. If you travel extensively for your employer, please list your company’s headquarters.
5. Do you work remotely during all or part of your work week?
6a. If you answered yes to question #5 , on average, how often do you work remotely?
6b. If you answered yes to question #5, where is your remote office location?
7. The following four questions relate to educational background, as this often impacts salaries. Please answer all to the best of your ability. Please indicate your educational background. Check all that apply. If you hold more than one degree on a given level (multiple certificates or degrees of the same level), please note this in the free text field of question 11.
8. Please indicate education you are currently pursuing. Check all that apply. If you are pursuing more than one degree on a given level (multiple certificates or degrees of the same level), please note this in the free text field of question 11.
9. Please indicate any education you plan to pursue in the future. (Select all that apply)
10. What has been the primary source for the DAM training or education you have received to date? That is, what education (degree, certificate, self-education, conferences, or job training) has been most helpful to you in your DAM work?
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11. Post any comments regarding questions 7-10 here.
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12. Which of the following best describes your current employment status?
13. Comments, if any, on question 12
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14. Please indicate your job title. If you feel that your job title would prevent this from being an anonymous survey, please indicate if you are a Specialist/Coordinator, Manager/Supervisor, or Senior Manager/Executive.
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15. Comments, if any, on question 14
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16. On average, how many hours per week do you work?
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17. What proportion of your current work duties/responsibilities are related to DAM?
18. How many years have you been with your current employer?
19. How many years have you been in your current profession?
20. Which of the following best describes your current employer?
21. Functional unit within the institution:(NOTE: If your unit combines two or more of the following categories, please choose the one that is most central to its mission. If the functions are essentially equal in importance within the unit, choose the category that applies to the majority of the work that you perform.)
22. What is your DAM user base?
23. Are you a solo DAM administrator? If not how many people are on your DAM team?
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24. Do you manage/supervise a DAM team?
25. Do you employ/host DAM interns?
26. Within the last 12 months, which of these were the primary functions in your role? Pick as many as needed.
27. With which of the following kinds of records do you work? (Select all that apply)
28. Please indicate the currency your salary is paid in. Choose 'other' and specify the currency if it is not listed as one of the options.
29. Please indicate your total annual salary related to DAM work for 2016 in the currency you have specified above. Include any bonuses or the estimated cash value of any non-salary compensation and benefits you also receive. This information is totally anonymous. The common currency conversion rates posted at end of day 12/31/2016 will be used in the results.
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30. What led you to begin working in your first DAM-related job?
31. Is DAM your first career?
32. What was your first career?
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33. In what year did you begin your first DAM job?
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34. Are you planning to leave DAM work to pursue another field?
35. If you expect to end your career while still working in the DAM field, when do you plan to do so?
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