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Discussion Group Leaders partner with our Mentor Moms and Steering Team to help keep our moms connected, invested and supported. We commonly refer to them as our “DGLs”. DGLs serve alongside a Mentor Mom and lead a specific discussion group for the entirety of the MOPS year. They are responsible for communicating information both before and after meetings (via GroupMe app) and leading the discussion time at our MOPS Meetings. DGLs are always given outlines and conversation starters/questions for their discussion times. We ask that our DGLs be willing to stay in communication with our moms and provide a safe place for conversation, feedback and questions. While extra meetings are not required, it’s not uncommon for DGLs to try and get their group together outside of meetings for fun events at their discretion. The requirements for a Discussion Group Leader are that they are willing to serve, open to communicate to a group of 8-10 women, can attend our MOPS meetings (letting us know of any time they are unable) and provide honest feedback to our steering team throughout the year.
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On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable do you feel giving directions, facilitating conversations and engaging in conversation with between 8-10 women? 1 being uncomfortable and 10 being very comfortable. *
Do you have the support of your family and friends to take on this leadership role in our MOPS meetings? Additionally, the one meeting prior to MOPS for our leadership team? *
Please describe any previous leadership, discussion or community roles (don’t worry if this is your first!): *
What spiritual and/or personal gifts could you bring to your specific group? *
Do you feel comfortable facilitating the use of GroupMe for your group (setting up and adding women) as well as facilitating communication within the app for the group? *
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