A Letter to Felecia Rotellini and Kelli Ward: Arizona's Democrat and Republican Parties Should Open Their Presidential Primaries to Independents

We write to you in your capacity as the Democrat and Republican Party Chairs, respectively, of our state.

We, the undersigned, are Arizona voters concerned about the process in which our Presidential Preference election will be held in 2020.

The election of the next President of the United States is the most important exercise of democracy in our nation.

In a national survey of independent voters (including over 235 independents from Arizona) conducted by Independent Voting in 2018, 87.3% of independents think the Democratic and Republican parties should open the presidential primaries to allow independents to participate.

Though Arizona is an otherwise open primary state, the Democratic and Republican parties of Arizona bar over 33.5% of voters in our state from voting in the Presidential Preference election.

It is our strong belief that no Arizona voter should be forced to join a political party in order to be able to vote in any election.

In many states around the country, independents are welcomed into the presidential primary process.

We write today to request that you open the Democratic and Republican Presidential Preference election in Arizona to the second largest and fastest growing community of voters in our state — independents.

You have the authority to do so. You can act to realize the full democratic participation of all Arizonans.



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