10x10 Awake!—An Evolving Library of Liberty and Resistance. Submission Form.
An open call by 10x10 Photobooks for photobooks, zines and photobook-related materials focused on political and social resistance and protest.

DEADLINE: Receipt of submitted book / zine by 15 May 2017 to be considered for inclusion in the Awake! Reading Room at the Magnum Foundation (NYC), 17-18 June 2017. All books received after that date will be considered for future reading rooms.


Please use this form to register EACH Awake! photobook, artists' book, zine or photobook-related material submission. You are welcome to submit multiple books or materials, but will need to COMPLETE A NEW FORM FOR EACH SUBMISSION.

There are no publication date or geographic limitations on submissions.
10x10 Photobooks welcomes all book submissions which conform to the Awake! guidelines on our website: http://www.10x10photobooks.org/awake-submissions.

Upon successful submission of this form, you will receive a confirmation email with the shipping address for your Awake! submission package.

PLEASE BE SURE TO PRINT YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL AND INCLUDE IT IN YOUR PACKAGE WITH YOUR AWAKE! SUBMISSION. It is the submitter's responsibility to make sure his/her book ARRIVES by the above deadline.

Please note that submission does not guarantee inclusion in the Awake! Reading Room. Only a selection of the photobooks, zines, artists' books and photobook-related materials submitted will be exhibited (not all will be selected for exhibition). However we will find a suitable home in an institution or library for ALL materials submitted. Therefore, all materials will eventually have a home in the world providing free access to the public.

Email: info@10x10photobooks.org
Website: www.10x10photobooks.org

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