Planners for Climate Action - Initiative Mapping
Thank you for completing this mapping exercise, coordinated by the Planners for Climate Action cooperative initiative.

The purpose of the exercise is to map, globally, the current initiatives, projects and programs that are working to integrate climate change into urban and regional planning practice, research and education.

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to a new global knowledge base of how the planning community is engaging with the crucial topic of climate change in an increasingly urbanising world.

The outputs of this mapping exercise will be fed into an initial database from which regional good practices will be selected and shared as part of the Planners for Climate Action visibility and advocacy work.

In the medium term, we hope to produce a global, academically rigorous analysis of the degree to which the planning community is successfully enabling low-carbon and climate resilient human settlements through its practice, research and education. The study will be shared through innovative online multimedia dissemination to reach as many people as possible.

If your institution would like to be a partner to this academic research in 2018-2019 please contact

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