24M March 4 Dads
Event Timing: March 24th-31st, 2021
Event Address: Wherever YOU are! It's virtual
Contact us at (813) 938-9637 or info@jtepcharity.org
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Are you walking with yourself or others? *
What days will you attend? *
I understand that in order to be counted in the march, I must make a post about my participation using #march4dads and tagging @jtepcharity. Please make your post public so that JTEP can see it! Suggested things to include in the post: How many people are walking with me; WHY I am marching; How many mile(s) I complete; Video, photo, or even a boomerang of me participating. If I am camera-shy, I could do a cool picture or video of my sneakers hitting the pavement! *
This event is free! We just ask that you share it with your friends and family to bring awareness to the 24 million children impacted by the fatherless epidemic. We also want to further the shift in parenting norms for fathers to nurturing, informed, and invested parents.
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