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PEAK DISTRICT POM. WELLS EDITION. A scoring navigation event. Saturday June 25th 00:01 to Sunday 3rd July 23:59 (you run any time you want between those dates)
The full details are here including entry (its free but registration is required for you to be sent maps etc)

The Pom is based upon a score orienteering style event using the free iOrienteering app. The idea is to score as many points as possible by visiting as many virtual GPS control locations as possible within a set time limit (2 hours). When you pass within 20 metres of the control point the app will log it as complete. These controls may be visited in any order and are set up in a selected area but in a random manner. A visible point value is assigned to each control according to its distance from the start/finish or difficulty of location. The start is a fixed point and so is the finish. You must start at the start and finish at the finish. For every minute you go over the time limit you will lose 3 points.

Whoever has the most points at close of play is the winner. If its level on points, quickest wins.

A PDF map is provided when you enter detailing the full area of play, but it won't have the control points on (start and finish in Youlgrave will be marked). 24 hours prior to the event opening a further map will be released with all the control points marked. You then have the duration of the event window to have a go at the route. You can have multiple go’s over the event time frame.

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