Application: Startup Pitch Night—Focus on Retail and eCommerce (May 8, 2019)
Don't miss your chance to showcase your emerging tech company at our next Startup Pitch Night! Each installment of this ongoing series invites a handpicked group of seven entrepreneurs to pitch their product in front of an audience and panel of expert judges. We feature a different area of technology every time--read on to find out more!

Who Should Apply?
We've got seven spots available for innovative retail tech and ecommerce startups, which could include any of the following -
-Are you changing the subscription box game?
-Are you using blockchain to innovate consumer experience?
-Have you created secure a secure payment system that's impossible to crack?
-Something else not listed here?

If you're an innovative new tech company working to innovate how we shop, save, spend, or subscribe--apply today for a chance to present your venture onstage! Applications are open until April 22nd.

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